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A Third Utah Poll Finds Strong Support for MMJ Access

A new poll by Utah Policy is the latest to find overwhelming support for medical cannabis in the state, with 73 percent of respondents supporting reforms and 23 percent opposed.

By the numbers: 47 percent “strongly” supported medical cannabis access, and 26 percent “somewhat” supported reforms; compared to 13 percent who “strongly” opposed, and 10 percent who “somewhat” opposed. Four percent responded they “don’t know” whether they support medical cannabis or not.

  • Democrat support was nearly universal: 97-3 percent.
  • Independent support was also overwhelming: 80-15 percent.
  • The majority of Republicans also supported medical cannabis access: 61-35 percent.

The proposal was also popular among “very active” Mormons: 61-35 percent.

Somewhat active Mormons and those who used to belong to the faith but no longer do supported medical cannabis access 75-22 percent and 89-3 percent, respectively.

100 percent of “very liberal” Utahns indicated support for reforms; along with 58 percent of self-described “very conservative” voters, with 36 percent opposed.

A September poll by Utah Policy had similar results: 74-22 percent with 4 percent undecided. While an August poll by Dan Jones & Associates commissioned by the Hinckley Institute of Politics and the Salt Lake Tribune found a supermajority of support – 78 percent – for the ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis currently be circulated in the state.

The petition campaign is headed by the Utah Patients Coalition who need to collect 11,143 signatures of registered voters by Apr. 15.



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