A resource for cannabis professionals.

Ganjapreneur.com publishes daily coverage of the issues that matter to cannabis activists, business owners, investors, and stakeholders.

We believe that cannabis prohibition is a violation of human rights and that the drug war will be regarded as one of society’s greatest failures.

While mainstream media continues to scoff at and ignore the very serious ramifications of prohibition, we are committed to telling the true story of cannabis medicine and exposing those who are working to keep it illegal in the name of profit. We believe that cannabis and hemp should be removed from the Controlled Substances Act and regulated like any other herbal commodity.

We prefer a legal cannabis market which respects the needs of patients and includes a viable path for small businesses and craft cultivators.

Legalizing cannabis will have a significant positive impact on our economy due to the opportunities and jobs it will create for ordinary citizens. At the same time, we recognize that people have been providing cannabis medicine to patients and developing cultivation practices & technologies for years — there is no reason to exclude medical cannabis pioneers from the legal industry. While we support all cannabis entrepreneurs and do not wish to limit anyone’s growth, we believe that small operators are integral to a successful cannabis market, and our mission includes providing them with relevant policy coverage, actionable business insights, and access to essential services.

We believe that cannabis normalization is a collaborative effort and that cannabis companies should commit to strong ethics regarding consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

Our ultimate mission is to help the cannabis industry grow. We believe that legalization is not just an opportunity to repeal the harmful effects of prohibition and provide medicine to those who need it, but that it’s also an opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to set a new high bar for corporate responsibility and help reshape the public narrative surrounding cannabis. To make the most of this opportunity, we think cannabis entrepreneurs and organizations should collectively discuss best practices, ethical standards, and environmental impact.

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Our Team

Andrew Rosener

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Originally from Rhode Island, Andrew Rosener is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and the founder and CEO of boutique domain brokerage firm Media Options. He founded Ganjapreneur.com in 2014 with the goal of creating a cannabis business resource and media outlet to educate cannabis entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses.

Noel Abbott

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Noel Abbott is a web developer and marketing strategist, and the co-founder of HappyChap Creative Co., a creative agency in Bellingham, Washington. He built the Ganjapreneur.com website and continues to oversee its operations.

Graham Abbott

Chief Editor
[email protected]

Based in Portland, Oregon, Graham oversees our daily news coverage and coordinates our editorial content. He also writes articles of his own and conducts our written interviews with leading cannabis experts.

Cody Stevenson

Director of Business Development
[email protected]

Originally from Kansas, Cody Stevenson is a United States Marine Corps veteran turned serial entrepreneur. He has founded and built multiple successful online media platforms and managed large scale operations for many Fortune 500 companies. After realizing the benefits of cannabis and how it can help the veteran community, he decided to focus all of his attention in the industry. Cody heads up business development and strategic partnerships for Ganjapreneur.com and would love to connect with you!

Pat Beggan

Staff Writer

Patrick Beggan is a writer and photographer based in Bellingham, Washington. After serving as a US Army medic, he developed a passion for natural and herbal medicine that led him to the West coast. As a photographer, he strives to capture mood & narrative simultaneously to create images that speak volumes.


Abby Huack

Abby is a freelance writer and founder at Cannabis Content, a marketplace where cannabis enthusiasts can earn income selling creative work to cannabis businesses and advertisers. Visit CannabisContent.net to learn more.

Adam Lozier

A writer and editor based in Los Angeles, Adam is also a translator and musician. He has a BA in Economics from Willamette University.

Matthew Chatham

Matthew Chatham is a recent graduate and re-transplant to California after attending university in Oregon. He studied economics and mathematics and hopes to work in the cannabis analytics industry in addition to doing freelance writing about cannabis. In his free time, he enjoys playing acoustic guitar, listening to new music, and playing Nintendo 64.

Derek Davis

Derek Davis is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the State of California and is the Founder of Green Growth CPAs, a team of professionals that help entrepreneurs entering and thriving in the cannabis industry create business plans, optimize revenue, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the marijuana industry. Derek has over half a decade of professional experience at both PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP and Deloitte Tax LLP and has nearly two years of professional taxation experience as a sole proprietor.

Craig W. Smalley

Craig W. Smalley, MST, EA, has been admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent, has a Masters in Taxation, and is a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. He has been in practice for 23 years. He is the CEO and Founder of CWSEAPA®, PLLC, Tax Crisis Center®, LLC, and Cannabis Accounting Group®. He is a columnist for Accounting Web, AICPA Tax Insider, and Accounting Today. He specializes in taxation and is well versed on U.S. Tax Court rulings. He can be reached at [email protected]

Lindsay Kramer

Lindsay Kramer is a freelance writer from New Jersey with an interest in legal and political topics. She has been writing for the web for just about three years. Her other hobbies include surfing, writing fiction, and spending way too much time on the internet.

Shango Los

Shango Los is a cannabis business strategist, patient advocate and host of the Shaping Fire podcast. He is the founder of the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance and was founder and original host of the Ganjapreneur.com podcast.

Trevor Abbe

Originally from the Midwest, Trevor has been on the West Coast for several years. Starting as a trimmer, he is now a Head Grower and Concentrate Producer in California. He has been writing about cannabis and the industry for three years.

Chloe Sommers

Chloe Sommers is an award-winning journalist reporting on drug policy, medical marijuana, and the cannabis "green rush." Chloe is based in Washington, D.C and is the Senior Writer for The Marijuana Times, Digital Producer and contributor to Leafly, The Weed Blog, and Ganjapreneur.

Vanessa Gillette

Vanessa Gillette is a creative digital marketer and professional writer committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners in the cannabis industry succeed. In 2015, she co-founded the digital marketing agency, EasyStart Marketing. Grab more information about her writing and social media services on her website.

Azam Khan

Azam Khan is a co-founder of Distru, software for cannabis distributors and manufacturers that provides inventory management, order fulfillment, and CRM functionality in a centralized platform. He is also a founding member of the Cannaslack community. Azam is dedicated to bringing quality content to cannabis professionals and investors.

Roni Stetter

Roni is a long-time cannabis advocate who has been involved in the community since her days with California's 2010 legalization campaign. A former high school athlete, she successfully treated her sports injuries with medical marijuana and now promotes the health movement on her own blog. Roni lives in San Diego where she enjoys drum and bass, the simple beach life and hanging out with her dog and cat.

Andy Graf

Andy Graf is a blogger and freelancer in North Texas. He writes on cannabis, cannabis law reform, enviromental ethics, local happenings and politics — as well as movie reviews — for his personal blog. He has been crusading for five years in Texas for marijuana reform.

Aaron Apple

Located in New York City, Aaron Apple is a digital marketing expert specializing in social media marketing, content strategy, and public relations. He cofounded HappyChap Creative Co. in 2010, a creative agency offering web design, graphic design, branding, social media marketing, and more. Aaron also plays the drums, collects vinyl records, and loves going to see live music.

Kent Gruetzmacher

Kent Gruetzmacher is a California-based freelance writer and the West Coast Director of Business Development at Mac & Fulton Executive Search and Consulting, a recruiting firm dedicated to the indoor gardening and hydroponics industry. He is interested in exploring the many cultural and business facets of the newly emergent cannabis industry by way of his writing and recruiting enterprises.

Matthew Lopez

Matthew Lopez has been aiding the cannabis community since 2010. From budtender beginnings, he honed his knowledge to become a passionate contributor to many cannabis disciplines. As a member of the American Chemical Society's Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision, he continues to work alongside distinguished cannabis scientists to further help the industry.

David Hodes

David Hodes is a freelance business journalist based in Washington, D.C., writing and reporting on the cannabis business and other economic development issues. He is the former editor of seven different business magazines, and now writes for regional business/lifestyle magazines. Hodes is a member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and the deputy chair of the club's newsmakers committee, where he organizes and moderates hour-long press conferences on topical issues of the day.

Leslie J. Clary

Leslie Clary is founder of Leafy Botanicals, offering handcrafted salves, bath salts and other personal care items using cannabis and other medicinal herbs in a natural carrier oil. The whole plant infusions provide a gentle, non-invasive treatment for pain management and relaxation.

Doreen Sullivan

Doreen Sullivan in an ultrapreneur, creative strategist, speaker, and CEO of award-winning agency Post No Bills. As founder of My Bud Vase, Doreen continues to advocate for entrepreneurs and business owners in the cannabis industry, committed to helping develop creative solutions for marketing, branding, and packaging needs.

Lukas Barfield

Lukas is a freelance writer and medical cannabis activist who lives in Tacoma. When he’s not writing about cannabis or working to bring a better medical cannabis system to Washington, he likes to DJ, play adaptive sports and volunteer in his Tacoma community. He supports national legalization and the opening up of the medical cannabis market in all 50 states.

Savana Griffith

Savana's self-prescribed purpose in life is to promote peace, spread love, and help others. Cannabis represents all of that, which is why it has become her passion. She enjoys researching, writing, and advocating, and hopes her writing for Ganjapreneur is only the beginning of a long future in the magical world of cannabis.

TG Branfalt

TG is a journalist by trade and has covered cannabis industry news for Ganjapreneur.com since 2014. He is the host of the Ganjapreneur.com Podcast and currently lives in Burlington, Vermont.

Bianca Green

Bianca Green is the founder of Spark The Conversation in addition to being a well-known medical cannabis advocate and drug war veteran. She was also an executive producer on the documentary "The Culture High."


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