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Alaska Cannabis Sales Decline in November; Still Mark Second Highest Totals

Alaska’s cannabis sales posted their first decline in November 2017 after setting sales records in October, the Juneau Empire reports. In November, licensed cultivators in the state sold 857 pounds of flower and 777 pounds of trim to retailers; down from 1,004 pounds of flower and 626 pounds of trim the previous month.

Based on taxes of $50 per ounce of flower and $15 per ounce of other parts of the plant, such as trim, transferred from cultivator to retailer, the state netted $872,197 in excise taxes from the cannabis industry in November. In October, the state saw $953,591 in excise taxes derived from the industry.

Alaska cannabis by the numbers (since July 2017):

  • July: Flower sold or transferred – 612 pounds. Trim or other parts – 369 pounds. $577,901 taxes paid.
  • August: Flower sold or transferred – 734 pounds. Trim or other parts – 447 pounds. $694,364 taxes paid.
  • September: Flower sold or transferred – 716 pounds. Trim or other parts – 630 pounds. $723,757 taxes paid.
  • October: Flower sold or transferred – 1,004 pounds. Trim or other parts – 626 pounds. $953,591 taxes paid.

According to Department of Revenue data, the number of taxpaying farms increased by one in November, from 66 to 67.



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