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Mac & Fulton Talent Partners is the most knowledgeable and attentive recruiting service in the cannabis industry. To this end, we have set a high standard of professionalism and follow-through concerning as peer as well as clients, one that will help lay a solid foundation for industry growth and progress.

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Hydroponics Products

Mac and Fulton Talent Partners is the only staffing agency that specifically services the hydroponics products market. Through trade shows and years of networking, we have developed deep relationships with industry professionals. As such, hydroponics product experts look to M&F Talent for career advice - our extensive candidate database reflects this notion.


Mac & Fulton Talent Partners has had the opportunity to watch the cannabis industry grow and evolve - our commentary and procedures have helped define the "hiring criteria" of today's industry leaders. That being said, we are constantly engaging both clients and candidates in the development of new SOP's to meet increasingly sophisticated hiring demands of "direct cannabis" businesses as well as ancillaries.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

The technology behind controlled environment agriculture is making this market increasingly viable for production in both foods and ornamentals. Mac & Fulton Talent Partners recognizes the value of this rapidly expanding industry - we are its foremost recruitment service with a dedicated network of candidates, clients, and peers.

Cannabis Industry Career Assessment and Resume Writing Service

For those candidates whom need some expert guidance in marketing their skill-sets properly in the cannabis space, we have developed a resume writing and candidate advisory program specifically for the industry..


Mike Ruane: Principal/Lead-Recruiter

Mike has over ten years’ of experience in professional/executive recruitment and account management. Mike has been an extremely successful recruiter and relationship manager within a variety of industries including engineering, product design & development, IT, power transmission & distribution, and international supply chain & logistics. Utilizing his advanced candidate sourcing techniques, and leveraging a network of business connections, Mike is enjoying the transition as a top-level recruiter the new and growing horticulture industry.

Kent Gruetzmacher M.F.A.: Director of Business Development

Kent Gruetzmacher M.F.A. provides our recruitment team with a decade of experience in the medical cannabis culture. With extensive roots in the California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado horticulture industries he practices recruiting from well-established personal networks. Furthermore, Kent is a respected cannabis and horticulture industry writer—contributing to an array of online and print publications. He currently writes for Maximum Yield Magazine, HydroLife Magazine,, and The Fresh

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