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Cleveland, Ohio Forms Adult-Use Cannabis Council

Cleveland, Ohio City Councilman Blaine Griffin has organized a working group on cannabis policy for the city, News 5 Cleveland reports. The group was created to bring together law enforcement and city departments to begin the bureaucratic process of transition to legal cannabis.

“We believe it’s time for us to start having that discussion and seeing if it might be the right thing to do in the city of Cleveland.” — Blaine Griffin, in the report

12 of Cleveland’s 17 council members signed the resolution to form the working group. Griffin said there are property zoning issues to resolve and other rules the city would want to make to ensure the new industry is productive for all involved.

“We need to get out of the dark ages with this.” — Blaine Griffin, via News 5

Ohio itself still needs to legalize adult-use cannabis via a ballot initiative or legislative action. The state’s medical cannabis program is set to launch in September but will face delays as licensed cultivators are just now managing to get plants in the ground. Griffin wants to start thinking ahead of that for the city of Cleveland, beginning the adult-use process before the state even deploys its medical program.



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