Shango Los

The annual Dope Magazine Dope Cup happened in Seattle, WA last week and was yet again a fabulous party. Of all the things that Dope Magazine does well, putting on stellar events is at the top of the list. There is always enough room to dance but not too much room, the performers they bring in really get the crowd moving and the award winners seem deserving.

There was a bit of intrigue this year when headline performer Waka Flocka Flame posted to his Instagram that he required paramedic help after getting too stoned. We are not all that surprised because Waka was saying after every song how totally baked he was — yet kept taking monster hits off a giant blunt he was passing around with the crowd.

A good night was had by all due to the “open consumption” agreement Dope Magazine secured from the City of Seattle, which allowed attendees to puff. It was pretty cool to be at an all-cannabis event with no beer vendors.

We look forward to this event again next year. Dope Cup winners and photos of the event below.







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