Feds Tell California Brewer to Cease CBD Beer Production

The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau have ordered a California brewery to cease production of their CBD-infused beer because hemp is a non-standard beer ingredient, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Black Hammer Brewing unveiled Toke Back Mountain on Apr. 20 and released eight more CBD-infused beers, which owner Jim Furman said became the brewer’s most popular line.

The recipe also includes hemp-derived terpenes, and Furman said he will apply for special approval to use both the CBD and terpenes. They have already started the application process with the agency to get approval to use hemp in their beers. The brewery can continue to sell the beers they have already produced at their tap room.

It’s not just the feds. The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission killed a plan by Down the Road Beer Co. to produce a CBD-infused beer, saying the recipe would violate the Food & Drug Administration’s Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Other brewers have had success with CBD infusions. Last August Lagunitas Brewing Company, also based in California, produced 120 kegs of its own CBD-infused beer; and Vermont’s Long Trail Brewing Company announced they would create their own beer using CBD-infused honey. Green Empire Brewing, a much smaller Vermont brewer, unveiled their own CBD-infused beer at September’s Hemp Fest.    



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