Ganjapreneur App Now Available for Apple and Android

Well, it’s been months in the making, but our news reader app is finally in both the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace!

The Ganjapreneur app is designed as a resource to keep budding entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry informed about important news affecting the market, as well as to provide valuable industry knowledge via our ongoing interview series.

Beyond a simple news reader, however, our app also includes our most recent business directory listings and featured placement for certain business categories. If you haven’t already created a listing for your service business, click here to do so! To download the app, click on your corresponding marketplace below:

While we are excited to announce the launch of our app, it is important to keep in mind that there are other developers who are trying to bring quality apps to market but are facing discrimination from Apple.

Recently, our friends at MassRoots had their popular social app taken down due to a change in policy regarding cannabis content. This hypocritical censorship is not only misguided, it also achieves absolutely nothing. For example, it is just as easy to use Facebook to share information about cannabis, and Apple doesn’t choose to censor that content. Click here to sign MassRoots’ petition to force Apple to reverse this policy and stand in solidarity with all cannabis app developers!


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