Licensing for Some Massachusetts Rec. Cannabis Businesses Opens Apr. 2

Licensing for some prospective Massachusetts retail dispensaries will begin on Apr. 2 as the state will open up the process for priority certification, which includes any dispensaries that have secured final or provisional licenses through the Department of Public Health and Economic Empowerment Applicants.

The priority licensing will run until the 16th, when priority applicants will begin applying for all other license types approved by the Cannabis Control Commission.

On May 1, the agency will begin accepting applications for cultivators, craft cannabis cooperatives, microbusinesses, and testing laboratories.

Beginning June 1, manufacturers, transporters, and non-priority prospective retailers will be able to begin applying for licenses.

“The Commission’s decision balances the significant progress we have made over six months with our responsibility to launch an efficient, orderly, and thorough application process in April. Our approach supports the unknown number of applicants who will be utilizing our licensing system for the first time, and staff who will be charged with certifying that establishments and agents are qualified to serve residents throughout Massachusetts. This choice will help ensure the process moves smoothly, which is in the best interests of the industry and the Commonwealth.” – Executive Director Shawn Collins in a press release

The commission will hold its next meeting tomorrow in Boston.



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