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Majority of Utah Voters Continue to Support MMJ Despite Mormon Opposition

64 percent of Utah voters support Proposition 2, the state’s upcoming medical cannabis ballot initiative, according to the first poll on the subject since the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints formally announced its opposition, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

The poll of over 800 Utah voters was conducted by UtahPolicy.com. The results showed that 64 percent of those voters were “somewhat” or “strongly” in support of Proposition 2. A Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll conducted in June — prior to the Church of LDS’s public announcement of its opposition — showed similar levels of support at 66 percent.

Support levels are holding steady despite an ongoing smear campaign by LDS-affiliated Drug Safe Utah that makes several questionable claims, including labeling the medical cannabis measure Proposition 2 as a “recreational” weed loophole and arguing that cannabis will be sold on every corner. In fact, Proposition 2’s language requires dispensaries to be 600 feet from any “school, church or public location” — a limitation that will result in maybe 10 viable dispensary locations in the entire state, argue supporters.

The battle for medical cannabis in Utah is just beginning to heat up. The Church of Latter-Day Saints is not short on funding for Drug Safe Utah and other opposition campaigns. Supporters of Proposition 2, however, remain confident.

“We feel we’re in a very good position to have this pass in November.” — DJ Schanz, Director of the Utah Patient’s Coalition, via The Salt Lake Tribune



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