Kentucky Hemp: First Crop Successfully Harvested, Industry’s Future Looking Strong

In May of this year, Kentucky sued the federal government for confiscating the state’s legally-acquired Italian hemp seeds, sparking a fiasco that enraged hemp supporters nationwide. The seeds were eventually returned and planted as part of a pilot crop for Kentucky’s industrial hemp industry. That pilot crop was harvested earlier this week and has been called a great success. “There’s a great […]

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Industrial Hemp Takes Root in Kentucky and Colorado

Amid the growing popularity of marijuana law reform, it is sometimes easy to forget about the other important cannabis revolution: the revitalization of a forgotten hemp industry. Recent pioneers of industrial hemp in the U.S. were granted licenses to grow pilot hemp crops in Kentucky, Colorado, and Vermont this year following the passage of the Farm Bill, which loosened federal restrictions on growing […]

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The Farm Bill’s Passage: Anticipating a Legal U.S. Hemp Market

Prospective hemp farmers are expecting a go-ahead soon from the federal government, which would allow pilot hemp-growing programs to be established in the 10 states around the country where its been legalized. Hemp is the sober strain of cannabis (containing less than 1% THC), and even though it has huge potential for becoming an industrial […]

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