Cannabidiol inhibits human glioma cell migration through a cannabinoid receptor-independent mechanism.

Author(s): Vaccani A, Massi P, Colombo A, Rubino T, Parolaro D

Department of Structural and Functional Biology, Pharmacology Section, Center of Neurosciences, University of Insubria, via A. da Giussano 10, Busto Arsizio (VA) 21052, Italy

Subject: Cancer View the study


We evaluated the ability of cannabidiol (CBD) to impair the migration of tumor cells stimulated by conditioned medium. CBD caused concentration-dependent inhibition of the migration of U87 glioma cells, quantified in a Boyden chamber. Since these cells express both cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors in the membrane, we also evaluated their engagement in the antimigratory effect of CBD...

Source: British Journal of Pharmacology
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