Cannabidiol Post-Treatment Alleviates Rat Epileptic-Related Behaviors and Activates Hippocampal Cell Autophagy Pathway Along with Antioxidant Defense in Chronic Phase of Pilocarpine-Induced Seizure

Author(s): Mahshid Hosseinzadeh, Sara Nikseresht, Fariba Khodagholi, Nima Naderi, Nader Maghsoudi

Neuroscience Research CenterShahid Beheshti University of Medical SciencesTehranIran

Subject: Epilepsy View the study


Abnormal and sometimes severe behavioral and molecular symptoms are usually observed in epileptic humans and animals. To address this issue, we examined the behavioral and molecular aspects of seizure evoked by pilocarpine. Autophagy can promote both cell survival and death, but there are controversial reports about the neuroprotective or neurodegenerative effects of autophagy in seizure.

Source: Journal of Molecular Neuroscience (Price: $40)
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