Clinical efficacy and effectiveness of Sativex, a combined cannabinoid medicine, in multiple sclerosis-related spasticity.

Author(s): Oreja-Guevara C

Department of Neurology, Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis Unit, Health Research Institute (IdiPAZ), University Hospital La Paz/Autónoma University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain. [email protected]

Subject: Multiple Sclerosis View the study


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is associated with a wide range of disease symptoms and amongst these, spasticity is one of the most disabling and has the greatest impact on patient well-being and quality of life. Until now, available drug therapies for spasticity appear to have limited benefit and are often associated with poor tolerability. In a recent Spanish survey it was noted that multidrug therapy and a low control rate were common features for a large proportion of patients with MS-related spasticity, suggesting that currently available monotherapies lack significant activity.

Source: Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics (Price: $89)
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