Systematic review of the literature on clinical and experimental trials on the antitumor effects of cannabinoids in gliomas.

Author(s): Rocha FC, Dos Santos Júnior JG, Stefano SC, da Silveira DX

Paulista School of Medicine, Federal University of São Paulo, Av. Ascendino Reis, 763, Vila Clementino, São Paulo, SP, 04027-000, Brazil, [email protected]

Subject: Cancer View the study


To evaluate, through a systematic review of the literature, the antitumoral effects of cannabinoids on gliomas. Research included the following electronic databases: PUBMED, EMBASE, LILACS and The Cochrane Collaboration Controlled Trials Register. All published studies involving the antitumoral effects (cellular and molecular mechanisms) of cannabinoids were considered for this review. The bibliography search strategy included all publications of each of these databases until December 31, 2012. From 2,260 initially identified articles, 35 fulfilled the inclusion criteria for this review...

Source: Journal of Neuro-Oncology (Price: $40)
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