Definition: The hookah is a traditionally Indian smoking device that has a centralized bowl with many tubes protruding from it. It is designed so that more than one individual may hit the bowl at the same time. There are such thing are hookah bars, where friends can sit and smoke hookah tobacco together, but putting marijuana in such 'rented' hookahs may be frowned upon. Depending on where you are, it could also get you arrested. Putting marijuana in your own personal hookah, however, allows a communal smoking experience.

Examples of Hookah used in a sentence:

"That hookah bar down the street is really cheap. We should watch the World Cup there!" 

"My friends broke my hookah, but they're going to help me get it fixed and I get to smoke their weed for a week."

"I feel like smoking something in a bar, wanna go to the hookah place down the street?"

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