Calgary, Alberta, Canada City Council Votes to Ban All Public Cannabis Use

The Calgary, Alberta, Canada City Council has moved to ban all cannabis consumption in public but included exceptions for those with medical need, the Calgary Herald reports. The regulations also prohibit retail shops from opening 150 meters (about 492 feet) from schools and emergency shelters and 10 meters (about 33 feet) from daycares, pawnshops, and […]

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Retail Cannabis Applications Open in Alberta, Canada

Retail cannabis applications have opened in Alberta, Canada and the provincial Gaming and Liquor Commission expects to receive about 250 applications for the businesses over the next year, the Edmonton Journal reports. There is no cap on the number of retail licenses the agency will approve; however, no single person or entity can hold more […]

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Alberta, Canada Proposes Provincial Cannabis Industry Rules

Alberta’s provincial government has released proposed regulations for retail cannabis operations as Canada moves forward with their tax-and-regulate plan, which sets the legal age at 18 and permits private retailers to open up retail and online stores. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will oversee distribution, compliance, and enforcement. Notably, the rules allow citizens to […]

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