Greece Parliament Passes MMJ Bill

Greece’s Parliament has approved legislation allowing the cultivation and manufacturing of medical cannabis, according to the Greek Reporter. The measure was supported by the ruling majority To Potami and Democratic Alignment parties and opposed by New Democracy, Golden Dawn, Centrists’ Union, and the Communist Party – the latter of which called on the ministry to […]

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Greece Legalizes MMJ; Licensing Framework to Follow

Medical cannabis is now legal in Greece following a ministerial decision by the Ministers of Health and Justice, according to a Neos Kosmos report. The decision moves cannabis from its Table A classification, where it was listed along with heroin, to Table B, which includes cocaine, opium, and methadone. “From now on, the country is […]

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Greek Health Officials Set to Introduce MMJ Proposal

Greek health officials are set to propose legislation that would allow the cultivation and use of medical cannabis, according to a report from The decision by the Health Ministry follows a scientific study on the effectiveness of medical cannabis for treating chronic illnesses. Health Minister Andreas Xanthos, said that the agency is close to […]

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