Insys Whistleblower Instructed to Lie to Boost Opioid Prescriptions

In an interview with NBC News, a former Insys Therapeutics sales rep turned whistleblower alleges that she was instructed to get the opioid-based drug Subsys to patients who should not have had access to it. Insys donated $500,000 to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy – an anti-cannabis legalization group – during last November’s General Election. […]

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Big Pharma Positioning for Federal Approval of Cannabis Drugs

In my most recent publishing, I wrote that our hemp/CBD industry was being hijacked from us. “Us,” being those who have fought against the establishment (Government, the law, Big Business, corrupt officials, and those who have financial gain in opposing any cannabis resurgence) to legalize a plant that is embedded into the very fabric of […]

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Craig Brand: Fighting to Prevent a Big Pharma Cannabis Monopoly

Craig Brand, Esq. is a founding partner of Ganja Law P.L.L.C. and Ganja Law Consulting, LLC, a global cannabis legal and consulting firm. Having served as a defense attorney in Miami for decades, he is all too familiar with the DEA and their approach to federal drug policy enforcement. Craig has witnessed firsthand the political imprisonment […]

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